Back On the Wagon Bento


I ate nothing but crap this weekend. Just yesterday I ate 3 sugary granola bars, a Think Thin bar, countless samples of cinnamon dusted Toscano on Raisin Rosemary crackers, trail mix with chocolate in it, a Larabar, 2 dark chocolate honey mints, and then decided to end the day with a Lagunitas pale ale, cucumber slices, and like a third of a container of salmon dip. I ate all this because I did NOT pack my bento. This is what happens when I abandon my principles and joy of making my lunch. I gorge myself on carbohydrates and, in turn, battle self-loathing.

Since I fell off the wagon and rolled off into a ditch yesterday, I decided to make up for it by cooking tasty healthy food last night to use for my bento today! On the top right is my spaghetti squash bake. I layered cooked and already sautéed spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese together twice and then baked it at 350 for 25 minutes. Beneath that is cauliflower mash, a dish that I absolutely love! I purchased a huge, gorgeous head of cauliflower from the Dekalb Farmer’s Market on Thursday and boiled about half of it in chicken broth for about 15 minutes. I then strained it and put it in the food processor with 2.5 tablespoons of garlic and herb butter from Trader Joe’s and 15g of grated Parmesan cheese. I blitzed it until it was mush and then put it in the fridge to eat for today!

To the left is another new addiction of mine– collard wraps. I am always looking for alternatives to breads and such for sandwich-like entrées because,while I am an energetic creature by nature, I do not need excessive carbs in my diet. It is always an extra bonus to find new ways of incorporating vegetables as well. I use a collard leaf just like a tortilla and today I used avocado, sliced turkey, and a wee bit of balsamic glaze inside. I usually make two and those can be pretty filling on their own. I actually have a few more wrap-oriented bentos to post because I am a giant slacker.

In the middle of this bento is the purple sludge I drank/chewed for breakfast. Lately, I’ve been making green tea smoothies for breakfast because I can get in some fruits and vegetables early in the morning without having to cook everything. I have an “anything goes” approach to breakfast because I am not very hungry in the morning, so if anything seems appetizing, I’ll toss it down my gullet. I make a cup of green tea and then put frozen blueberries, frozen peaches, frozen kale, and frozen spinach into the blender. When I pour the hot tea over the frozen produce, it creates this beautiful array of colors and it’s like twilight in a blender. However, after I toss in chia seeds and blend it until I can’t hear the crunching anymore, it turns into this weird purple mess that tastes amazing. Lately I have found some of the best tasting things can be purple, brown, or gray.

This was longer than my usual posts so I’ll stop for now! I have to save some breath for all the other entries I have to catch up on!