The Fruit n’ Cream Oatmeal Bento


Remember when you were little and you would always bug your mom to get you the Quaker Oats Fruit n’ Cream sugar packets…I mean “Microwave Oatmeal?” My mom would get them for me occasionally and I would eat all the flavored ones, trying my best to avoid eating the boring packets of the plain one (you know, the healthy ones). And heck, if you’re in college, you probably still eat box after box of this stuff, using two packets because you’re an adult now! Well, I can’t justify eating that much sugar in one meal anymore. I think that if I’m going to eat a bowl full of sugar, I would much rather down an entire sleeve of Thin Mints and then deal with reassessing my life choices.

This bento was inspired by the sugary cereal of my youth and is a much healthier and filling adaptation that doesn’t skimp on taste! I started with boiling a little over one cup of water and then added 40g (about half a cup) of plain old fashioned oats and let it boil for about 5 minutes. In the middle of cooking I added about 6 cut strawberries, allowing them to heat up with the oats. They get mushy along with the oats and turn it pink without having to use crazy dyes! Once it was all done boiling I added half a scoop of Met-Rx vanilla protein powder and mixed it as thoroughly as I could. It is a bit messy but can be achieved with elbow grease.

I will be definitely doing this with my oatmeal from now on, especially to use up fruit in my fridge!

In the right compartment is fresh coconut, sweet potato, and maple almond butter.


The Unintentional Egg White Omelet Bento


This bento tasted like accomplishment because I successfully made my first egg white omelet today! I really intended to make my scrambled egg whites with spinach and prepared everything as usual, but the mixture started to cook on the bottom in a perfect little circle. I realized I had turned the heat down just enough to cook the eggs and not make it smell like I was trying to fry them into oblivion. I gingerly lifted one side of the mass to meet the other edge and nothing broke! Hooray for accidents!

I put it on top of my sautéed green beans (that are less visible because of the green bento box). On the right is a cut up juicy little Georgia peach with plain Greek yogurt that I mixed with a packet of Splenda, almond extract, and slivered almonds. One of these days I will try to mix in stevia since I know it’s probably healthier and I get a lot of winces when I mention that I use Splenda. Until then my philosophy is “Everything in moderation,” or whatever the latest excuse is:)

The Turkey Bacon and Eggs Bento


This one is a pretty simple breakfast bento. I got adventurous at about 3 in the morning before going to work and decided to try and make an egg white omelet. But somewhere in between the idea and the results, my elbow hit a cabinet and I cut the whole project in half. I then also realized that a smaller amount of eggs and egg whites might become a more successful omelet. So my eggs were large, tasty square pieces. When I was cooking what I thought would be an omelet, I sprayed the pan all over with coconut oil. While the finished product was not what I had hoped for, the eggs turned out to be incredibly buttery and flavorful. I think the coconut oil really helped in the flavoring. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Beneath the eggs are some slices of turkey bacon and some sautéed broccoli (also with coconut oil). To the left is some cottage cheese, honey mango, and a handful of pistachios because I had run out of ideas and time to throw something else there!