The Breakfast Salad Bento


This bento was inspired by one of my favorite dishes at a restaurant by work. Marketed as a paleo-friendly breakfast, it’s usually two eggs over easy  medium (more often than not) with sausage on a bed of arugula and some other veggies. While it changes every day and is consistently good, it is $7.00. And I could easily shell out that kind of money for a tasty and filling breakfast, but I wouldn’t have the money to buy regular groceries over time. For almost the same price as the dish itself, I picked up eggs and arugula from work and bought some incredibly fresh mild Italian sausage from a local European butcher.

I threw about three handfuls of arugula into the box and sauteed the sausage after removing it from the casing. I fried two eggs over easy and placed them on top, along with adding some diced avocado and diced roasted sweet potato. The trick is to pierce the yolks, mix the whole thing into a tasty, protein-filled mess and consume. I made the same salad the day before with some chorizo I had in the freezer and it was spicy, flavorful, and absolutely delicious. The whole bento takes maybe 30 minutes to make and assemble, allowing you to relish in the superiority of eating a designated serving of greens at the very beginning of the day. I recommend getting creative with whatever meats you have in your freezer and whatever greens you need to eat in your fridge, too!

I have learned as I cook more that I often think to myself, “I could totally make this!” when I go out to eat. With a little time, research, and creativity, it is pretty easy to make most things that you love at restaurants. The end result can be tailored to your preferences on a whim and can spawn more ideas for how you want to cook it next time, improving the flavor so much that you might make it even better than the original! Even if you’ve burned a salad once or twice, you still have the capability to cook something delicious and simple. So go do it!

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