The Superb Steak Bento


If you look to your left, you will see bites of steak on top of an otherwise dull, yet colorful salad. I should learn to not insult my food because self-deprecation has its place and this should not be it, but the steak is the shining star of this bento. It is the best steak I have ever made and I want everybody to know how to do it!

To Make the Perfect Steak (click here for original recipe inspiration)

Position an oven rack in the top slot of your oven and preheat to 450. Put your trusty cast iron skillet in there as it preheats to get it super hot. While the oven is preheating, get out your juicy ribeye with its beautiful marbling and brush each side with butter (I highly recommend Kerrygold Irish butter), salt and pepper. Since your oven is probably still heating up at this point, I also suggest opening a few windows and turning on the fan(s) because it may get smoky. Nothing guarantees someone scalding themselves than them trying to remove hot things from an oven while frantically trying to remember how to turn the smoke alarm off.

Once the oven has preheated, carefully remove the skillet with a reliable oven mitt (I use a sturdy kitchen towel) and put it on a burner. Set the burner to medium-high heat and spoon out a tablespoon of ghee into the skillet.

CAUTION: Wonderful, distracting smells are going to occur!

Take some tongs and ease your hunk of meat into the pan. Sear for 30 seconds, turn over, and then sear for another 30 seconds. Then take the whole skillet (with your mitt because it’s still wicked hot) and put the whole thing in the oven for 1.5-2 minutes, flip it, and then in for another 1.5-2 minutes, depending on how you like it.

I usually plate it and start hurriedly looking for a knife and fork right after, but you could leave it a bit to cool off if you are a more patient individual. It took a lot of self-control to even allot pieces for this bento.

If you’re not into seafood and feeling a bit anemic, this is your prescription. And as much as I love dietary diversity, one could not possibly make a cauliflower steak taste this good, so I do not believe there is a vegetarian alternative. Go forth and embrace your inner Ron Swanson!

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