The Technically Not Paleo Bento


Since my last post, life has changed dramatically for me. If you’re incredibly keen on background details, you would notice that this bento was photographed in a new location with seemingly better lighting and hints of a gas stove. I, in turn, applaud your attention to detail and would like to gleefully announce that my boyfriend and I have extracted ourselves from the shoebox we once knew by moving into a house! I have a gas stove, still no dishwasher, but I realized that having my own personal washer and dryer is vastly underrated and something I cannot live without. Until now, I did not prioritize appliances but we all change sometime.

To celebrate my new kitchen, which is vastly larger than the galley I once knew, I bought one of those popularized unitasking kitchen gadgets: the Vegetti. I had been told that it is a great investment, especially if you miss pasta or just want to turn your relationship with pasta into a less soporific one. The name sounds really dirty when I tell strangers about it, but I suppose “Spagetables” wouldn’t necessarily roll off the tongue as easily. While it does only do one thing, it beats trying to be creative with my vegetable peeler. Topped with some tomato basil marinara and a bit of Parmesan, I made zucchini pasta (on the right) and, believe it or not, there are three whole zucchinis in that little tray! The results of spiraling vegetables into a big bowl elude to it being an enormous amount of faux noodles, but once cooked down with olive oil and garlic, it becomes apparent that two people could not comfortably split the portion. While it is also frustratingly difficult to clean (unless you have a dishwasher), I do recommend it for those who wish to incorporate more veggies in their diets.

I made grass-fed beef meatballs that were edible but nothing stellar enough to recommend. To the left, I had some Brussels sprouts and baked sweet potato with cashew butter, a minor change to the typical almond butter I use. Cashew butter is creamier, a little sweeter, and quite sticky, so definitely have something to wash it down.

As we’ve moved ITP, I transferred to the Midtown location for work and it is much busier than my old stomping ground. So much that if I don’t eat my lunch, I have no energy to work. Stay tuned for more posts as I try to stay full!