The Unintentional Egg White Omelet Bento


This bento tasted like accomplishment because I successfully made my first egg white omelet today! I really intended to make my scrambled egg whites with spinach and prepared everything as usual, but the mixture started to cook on the bottom in a perfect little circle. I realized I had turned the heat down just enough to cook the eggs and not make it smell like I was trying to fry them into oblivion. I gingerly lifted one side of the mass to meet the other edge and nothing broke! Hooray for accidents!

I put it on top of my sautéed green beans (that are less visible because of the green bento box). On the right is a cut up juicy little Georgia peach with plain Greek yogurt that I mixed with a packet of Splenda, almond extract, and slivered almonds. One of these days I will try to mix in stevia since I know it’s probably healthier and I get a lot of winces when I mention that I use Splenda. Until then my philosophy is “Everything in moderation,” or whatever the latest excuse is:)

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