The Oatmeal Bento


For the past few weeks, I have actually just been bringing a small bowl of oatmeal with me to work because it is super convenient. But sadly it doesn’t always fill me up and is sometimes not appetizing enough to eat. When I make that oatmeal, I use the BSN Cinnamon Roll Protein Powder mixed with some almond milk. It’s rather gelatinous but pretty tasty if mixed well.

For this oatmeal I just mixed in some vanilla extract and a Splenda packet. There was also a fried banana recipe that is floating around Pinterest lately that I used. It calls for honey, which I did not have, but I just fried them in spray coconut oil and added some cinnamon. It turned out pretty tasty. To the right are sautéed green beans and avocado.

The 2.5 donuts that I consumed after this, however, were completely unnecessary and negated all healthy eating habits for the rest of the day.

2 responses

  1. I have made several efforts to get into oatmeal. I just can’t. The only way I can swallow it is if (A). I’m starving, (B). It’s more honey, cinnamon, and sugar than not, and (C). It’s piping hot. Otherwise it really kind of grosses me out. I’m a grits man, through and through. Do you have any breakfast specific grits bentos?

    • I actually have some grits I need to make. And I understand the oatmeal aversion since the stuff can get awfully slimy. I do think my bentos need a bit of southern flair and fried chicken doesn’t always keep, so grits it is!

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