Chicken and Some Eggs Bento


Who has ten fingers, a plethora of devices with Internet access, and a penchant for procrastination? This girl! I have been making bentos fairly consistently since my last post but have been quite truant in my updates. So I have yet another breakfast bento from this morning’s 4am shift. I made a 1:2 ratio of egg to egg whites with 2oz shredded chicken tenderloin, half a cup frozen spinach, and half a slice of marbled Lacey Swiss and Colby Jack cheese (in the top right). I also sautéed some frozen haricot vert in spray coconut oil with Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute, a no-sodium seasoning. It is now my favorite way to cook vegetables and is very easy. On the left is cottage cheese with some delicious fresh blueberries and some fresh coconut.

I have a few more bentos to post later so keep an eye out for them!