Sweet Potato Pancake Bento


This bento is centered around my favorite recent discovery: sweet potato protein pancakes! These pancakes are fluffy and just so amazingly scrumptious that they don’t need any nut butters, jams, or cottage cheese. I put 130g of baked sweet potato in my blender with 4 egg whites, a scoop of Met-Rx vanilla protein powder, and about 1/2 a teaspoon pumpkin pie spice. Blitz and it makes about 6 pancakes the size of your hand. I want everybody to try them!

Above it is some turkey bacon and to the left is cottage cheese, half a mango, and my homemade almond loaf from chocolatechillimango.com. I would list the recipe, but it requires homemade almond milk and that’s also featured on the same page. That’s just too much for me to edit in, haha! Here’s a picture of my finished loaf and milk all Instagrammed and prettified:


The bread is tasty but I got a little confused on the actual yield of almond meal in making the milk versus the amount required for the loaf. After a few minor adjustments (one tsp less baking powder I think was all I did), the loaf came out beautifully. I should have immediately cooled it in the fridge but I got really hungry and impatient. It’s on the crumbly and moist side but is highly recommended.

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