Fake Noodle Bento

Today’s bento consists of spinach shiritaki noodles with spaghetti sauce, marinated balsamic chicken, edamame, and fresh coconut meat.

Shiritaki noodles are made from tofu I believe and can be found for about $1.75 a package. Drain, rinse, and microwave with a pasta sauce. They’re very low in carbs (about 4 net for the whole package) and are quite filling.

Fresh young coconut is absolutely delicious. I bought 2 at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market for about $1.50 each (I usually buy them at Whole Foods for $4–yikes!) and all you do is wack the pointy top with a knife all around, take off the top, drink the water inside, and scrape out the meat! Coconuts have a ton of potassium and that supposedly helps with muscle cramping. I however don’t feel any physical benefit when I drink the water after working out, but it is awfully refreshing. Highly recommend it!