The Devil’s Chicken Bento

The other day I went to buy groceries and bought a whole chicken to roast for lunch meat this week. I recommend this idea to everyone. Roast a chicken, use it just straight in a bento like I do, or make chicken salad like I am going to eventually do. This particular chicken I found humorous and knew no one in this area (the South, if you are a complete stranger and not one of my friends who knows where I live) would EVER buy it.


As you can see, I also bought Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary to read while I ate, adhering to the theme.


But here is the slapdash bento I made before going to work! I roasted the chicken with lemon (flavored, enhanced, scented, imbued, something like that) olive oil and some of it sits on a bed of baby lettuce with a bear head of cilantro dressing and little cupcake cup of blueberries. Above that is half an orange that was absolutely delicious, frozen sweet potatoes, and green beans.

Stay tuned for my next bento where I hope to make a delicious chicken salad without running late!


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