The Learning Experience Bento


This bento was made with my first turkey! And here is my first turkey and the cleaned out carcass after I handpicked all the meat and put it away:


I was apprehensive about cooking a turkey because it is definitely a delicate art to make a nice juicy turkey without drying the breast out completely. I procured this turkey for free from my job, so it wasn’t like I personally invested a good chunk of money into a new experience. I consulted my mom and some coworkers and had my boyfriend hold Galliforme vigil while I worked on on a class project well away from the house. But the bird cooked well. By well, I mean really well. As in that breast couldn’t infect anything it was so cooked.

At least it was free.

Since I like dark meat, that was totally fine! I added a smattering of the two meats over frozen asparagus with some homemade trail mix (made of cashews, dates, dried cherries, pistachios, and almonds), carrots, hummus, edamame, cantaloupe, and watermelon (both ridiculously out of season). I was excited about this particular bento, but unfortunately the flavor of asparagus is so potent that it penetrated throughout all of my turkey, giving it a really weird and unsettlingly bitter flavor, rendering me equally bitter. Bitter enough to say that the rest of the asparagus is still sitting in my freezer door 2 months later.

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